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Learn about the government's goals for the transport sector during 21/2022 in 9 points

The government aims to increase the volume of total investments targeted for the transport sector with the plan of 21/2022, as the transport sector occupies a special importance within the scope of the national projects adopted by the state to support the infrastructure pillars in the country, where transport networks are the arteries of economic life, on which development plans and programs are built. Economic and social, through these networks, the centers of production and consumption markets are linked.

 The transport sector occupies a fundamental importance in the national economy due to Egypt’s distinguished geographic location in the middle of international transport routes, and its proximity to the main markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, which makes it a global center and hub in transport, warehousing and logistics services, especially with the wide spread of the multi-transport system. Transportation investments are characterized by diversity and integration between its services and extensions to cover all parts of the Republic, and to link its population and urban communities.


1- 244.7 billion pounds, the volume of targeted investments during 20/21/2022

2- Achieving an investment boom with a growth rate of 104%

3- Developing the infrastructure and improving the performance of all types of transport activities.

4- Providing a transportation system that achieves the goals of sustainable development and is intrinsically linked with the requirements of future national economic and social development.

5- Strengthening the role of transport at the regional and international levels.

6- The growth of the transport sector by 3.8%, similar to 20/2021

7- The sector’s production increased to about 469 billion pounds, compared to 430 billion pounds

8- The sector’s output increased to 345.6 billion pounds, compared to 313.9 billion pounds in 20/2021

9- It is estimated that the output of the transport sector contributes to 4.7% of the GDP