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British police arrest 13 in climate change protests after Heathrow road closures

On Friday, anti-climate activists blocked traffic on a road leading to Heathrow, Britain's largest airport, before police ended their protest and arrested 13 of them, according to Bloomberg East.

More than a dozen Insulate Britain activists sat side by side, blocking the road during the morning rush hour, some sticking their hands to the ground and handcuffing themselves together with bicycle locks.

Their protest caused traffic to stop at a bend near Junction 3 of the M4 motorway. Eventually the police cleared the road and drove the bound activists away.

The Metropolitan Police wrote on Twitter: "Police have arrested 13 people for obstructing road traffic and conspiracy to disturb the public peace."

The group wants the British government to commit to providing insulation to around 29 million homes in a bid to reduce the use of fossil fuels and combat global warming.

It says it will continue its actions until the government issues a clear statement on the isolation of the country's homes, which they say are the least energy-efficient in the rest of Europe.