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A bride defies restrictions and holds her wedding ceremony on the borders of Canada and America to not travel

A Canadian bride was forced to celebrate her marriage in a green area on the border between Canada and the United States of America, so that her parents and grandmother could attend the happy occasion, as her family resides in Canada and global health conditions prevent them from traveling to attend the ceremony, in light of the continuing restrictions imposed on non-essential travel. between the two countries as a result of the Corona pandemic.

The Canadian bride, Karen Mahoney, and her groom Brian Ray, in a white wedding dress, and her husband in a classic black suit, appeared as they stood with the guests of the ceremony a few steps from the border line, while her parents only stood at a safe distance on Canadian soil so that they could hear the exchange of Marriage vows and the blessing of the newlyweds, according to FOX News.

Canadian bride Karen Mahoney, who met her husband Ray for the first time while taking snowboard lessons about 35 years ago, recounted why she insisted her family attend the wedding, saying: "It was important to her that my 96-year-old grandmother attended the occasion." This is my only surviving grandmother, and she is the only grandmother I have ever met, so it was important for her to be present on the happiest days of my life."

The couple had hoped to lift the emergency health restrictions imposed on travel through the land crossings before their wedding in September, so they had to put together an alternative plan as the travel restrictions continued, and Ray was able to obtain the service of an acquaintance who works in the border guards, to help arrange Meeting with adherence to all health prevention directives.

Mahoney added that her grandmother was very excited to attend the event, and she was so excited to be able to participate, it was a very touching moment that brought them together with her family, and my grandmother and I cried, and she told me that attending the happiest day of my life is a moment that she will never forget.