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Tunisian President: No one will be prevented from traveling except by law

Tunisian President Kais Saied instructed Reda Gharslawi, who is in charge of running the Ministry of the Interior, that no person should be prevented from traveling unless he was issued a summons, imprisonment or search.

In a statement today, Friday, the Tunisian president stressed that this should be done in full respect for the law, preserving the dignity of all, and observing the obligations of travelers abroad.

The President of the Republic made it clear that what is being promoted about ill-treatment is pure slander by those who are not satisfied with slandering on the ground, but rather they want to slander even while they are in the air.

Qais Saeed expressed his thanks to the policemen at the land, sea and air border crossings for their efforts so that no one escapes from the judiciary if he is being pursued and final judicial rulings have been issued in his regard.