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Tunisia: 6,500 educational institutions participate in the Cleanliness Open Day

Today, Sunday, the Tunisian Ministry of Education is organizing, in all public educational institutions, an open day for hygiene in the school environment, with the participation of students, parents and civil society components, according to Tunisian Radio Shams.

The Director of the Investors Briefing Unit at the Ministry of Education, Munther Al-Afi, had indicated that the open hygiene campaign in the school environment is being carried out in preparation for the 2021-2022 school return.

Al-Afi expressed his hope for a wide participation in this open day, which includes 6,500 educational institutions distributed throughout the governorates of Tunisia.

The cleanliness campaign was launched in the open day of hygiene in the school environment from eight in the morning, using the equipment of the concerned municipalities and the departments of the Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Infrastructure to carry out programmed interventions and works such as uprooting parasitic weeds, removing dust and painting walls, according to the same source.

Al-Afi pointed out that since the end of last August, the Ministry of Education launched a comprehensive survey to examine the status of educational institutions and to identify deficiencies and gaps.