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Tips to get rid of autumn depression.. exposure to the sun in the morning and a good sleep with healthy food

The change of seasons in general is one of the things that increases the chances of some people suffering from depression, especially the autumn season due to the increase in leaf fall and the instability of the weather.

Therefore, the report published on the "WEBMED" website shows that fall depression is experienced by some as a result of seasonal disorders.

There are many symptoms that a person with autumn depression feels, including general mood swings, feeling tired and unable to do anything, and also feeling tense and severe anxiety.

Many medical studies have confirmed that the main cause of autumn depression is the lack of exposure to beneficial sunlight, which in turn causes a person to feel psychological comfort and happiness. In the body increases the chances of suffering from depression.

The report provided some important tips to get rid of autumn depression, including:

Exposure to the sun in the early morning, to help the body secrete all the hormones it needs to feel happy.

Setting specific times for the day to regulate the body’s biological clock is one of the most important tips that get you rid of depression.

Scientists confirmed that exercising on a daily basis is one of the most prominent and important tips that must be done to renew and stimulate blood circulation, as well as increase the secretion of the hormone of happiness, and reduce the severity of autumn depression.

Healthy food equals good mental health, so you must do this permanently, and eat foods rich in nutrients that the body needs, such as vegetables and fruits.