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The US Army gets rid of 17 strategic bombers

The US Army announced that it has withdrawn from service 17 B-1B Lancer supersonic strategic bombers.

The US Air Force's Comprehensive Bombardment Command (AFGSC) confirmed on its Facebook page on Friday that the process of getting rid of these strategic bombers concluded Thursday, when the last of them left Edwards Air Force Base in California for the aircraft cemetery at Davis-Nathanthan Base in Arizona. This step is due to the age of these aircraft and the high cost of their maintenance, restoration and modernization.

The command explained that the disposal of these bombers would allow it to focus on ensuring the health of the current air fleet, including modernization efforts, in order to make the US Army's bomber fleet "more lethal and generally capable."

This comes at a time when the Mass Bombardment Command is preparing to switch to the use of the B-21 stealth bomber, instead of the B-1B, which was developed in 1980.