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The Tunisian National Coalition Party and the Future Tunisia Movement announce their support for the president's decisions

In two separate statements issued today, the Tunisian National Coalition Party and the Future Tunisia Movement expressed their support for President Kais Saied's decisions.


The Tunisian National Coalition Party considered that the issuance of these decisions is a step in the right direction in order to finally break with the pre-July 25 system, which brought the country nothing but ruin and destruction, according to the text of the statement, noting its satisfaction with the presidential order’s affirmation of adherence to freedoms and human rights. As a mix, there is no way to undo it.


The party called on President Kais Saied to set a time limit for the transitional period in order to give more clarity to the path that will be followed and to announce the program of the government to be formed, urging him to involve national organizations, parties, intellectuals and academics in the committee to amend the political and electoral systems as a matter of concern to all Tunisians. .


For its part, the Future Tunisia Movement, in a statement issued after its executive office meeting, today, Saturday, expressed its absolute support for the decisions announced by the President of the Republic regarding the formation of a new government and the adoption of measures to control the political and economic situation in the country.


The movement also decided to support the roadmap for the state's work in the next phase drawn up by President Qais Saeed and to work to support the popular movement that supports the decisions after July 25.


It should be noted that the Tunisian President had issued a presidential order, last Wednesday, to extend the exceptional measures taken pursuant to Presidential Order No. 80 of 2021 related to the suspension of the powers of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People and the lifting of parliamentary immunity for all its members, until further notice.