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The legal advisor reveals the movements of Zamalek to solve the registration crisis before the start of the season

Nasr Azzam, the legal advisor to Zamalek Club, revealed the latest developments in the crisis of stopping the registration of the White Castle by a decision of the International Football Association "FIFA", due to the contracting crisis with the player Hossam Ashraf, despite his contract with a Cameroonian club, which led to the signing of a fine of 4 million dollars that was paid. Reducing it to 200 thousand dollars, on the White Castle, in contrast to the legal right of FIFA, which stipulated stopping the registration.

Nasr Azzam said, in his statements to “The Seventh Day”: “We have submitted an appeal in the Sports Court to the decision to stop the registration of Zamalek for two periods, and we are seeking to obtain a ruling on this appeal before the end of the current summer transfer period so that Zamalek can register its new deals.”

The legal advisor to Zamalek added that the suspension of the registration is related to the new deals concluded by the team, which are three players Hamdi Al-Naqaz, Mahmoud Shabana and Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, pointing out that the team’s list and loanees returning to Zamalek have no income in the decision to stop the registration.

Nasr Azzam stressed that he is doing his best to solve the crisis of stopping the registration of Zamalek before the end of the current transfer period, saying: “The issue is not easy, and the registration of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Chelsea has already been suspended, and they were unable to lift the decision, but we strive to solve the crisis as We did it before with Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi."

Azzam reassured the fans of Zamalek, stressing that the period between the current summer and winter transfers next January will witness the team’s participation in approximately 5 matches only, and in the absence of a ruling on the appeal, there will be no significant harm, and we will wait for the registration period in January to register new deals in case Permanently lift the suspension.