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The lava of the Spanish "La Palma" volcano is flowing rapidly towards the sea

A video clip showed terrifying and astonishing footage at the same time, of lava flowing from an erupting volcano in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain, towards the sea, and officials revealed that the lava had become 800 meters from the coastline.

For its part, the Volcanic Emergency Authority in the Canary Islands revealed that one of the lava rivers in La Palma slowed down, while the other became hotter and more flowing, and put pressure on the small town of Todoc, where the authorities evacuated the residents, according to Sky News Arabia.

Officials had expected days ago that lava would reach the Atlantic Ocean, but the eruptions were irregular, and Sky News indicated that after the volcano calmed down on Monday, it erupted strongly again during the night.

Most likely, when molten rock eventually meets seawater, it can lead to explosions and the release of toxic gases, although Spanish authorities have stressed that they do not expect the slow-moving lava to lead to significant disruption on the coast.

On the other hand, the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” said that the banana on the island of La Palma, one of the Canary Islands, represents “La Palma gold”, because it represents 50% of the gross domestic product and 30% of the employment in Palma, which depends on this fruit. Many island residents save the banana trees from the volcano that threatens the fertility of the land.

The newspaper pointed out that there are already 166 hectares destroyed by lava on its way from Cumbre Vieja to the sea, although the volcanic soil is fertile, the affected area will be barren land for many years.

Bananas play a vital role in La Palma's economy, accounting for 50% of GDP and 30% of current employment, and a large portion of the more than 5,300 banana growers have seen their land smashed under an inferno of molten rock these days.