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Moscow: We will respond wisely if Washington imposes sanctions on Russian figures

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia will act wisely in choosing a response if the United States imposes sanctions on 35 Russian officials and businessmen.

"We will have to respond wisely," Peskov added, stressing that President Vladimir Putin "will show wisdom if there is a need for this."

Peskov added that Putin is aware of the initiative to impose sanctions on 35 Russians, noting that his reaction in this regard is "completely expected" because "it is difficult to understand this trend after what the presidents of Russia and the United States spoke about at their summit in Geneva."

It is worth noting that earlier, the US House of Representatives gave the green light to an amendment to the defense budget bill that recommends the White House to include 35 Russian citizens in the sanctions list, including ministers, senior businessmen and journalists, and US lawmakers believe that these people may be involved in human rights violations .

Peskov had warned - earlier - that if the US administration passed sanctions against Russia by the US Congress, this would undermine the spirit of the Russian-US summit in Geneva and hopes for the resumption of dialogue between the two countries. He said: "It is clear that moving in the direction of sanctions before Members of the US Congress are restless, but this law still has many actions, to be taken."

He added: "The urgent question lies in whether the US administration will respond to the recommendations of Congress to impose new sanctions on Russia," noting that he could not say anything so far on this subject.

Peskov stressed that the US administration's adoption of imposing these sanctions on his country represents the worst scenario for the development of relations between the two countries, saying: "This would greatly undermine the spirit of the Geneva summit and the modest hopes of restoring a kind of substantive dialogue between Moscow and Washington."