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Headache may be a long-term symptom of corona.. know home remedies

Headache is one of the persistent symptoms of the Corona virus, which can last for weeks or even months after the result of the corona test is positive, and it is one of the symptoms that may continue after recovering from the coronavirus. Clinic".

How does headache occur as a long-term symptom of corona?



The condition is defined as a new and persistent daily headache, and it can last for months even for people with a mild case of coronavirus.

According to experts, a headache associated with corona will be a headache or pain that gets worse 24/7.

If you regularly deal with migraines or other headache disorders, their frequency may increase after a diagnosis of COVID-19 and this pain can last for weeks or even months.

Corona virus headache treatment


Treating daily persistent headaches associated with COVID-19 is not easy because there is no clear cause or cause behind the pain, and research has not yet determined the cause of persistent headaches, and brain scans of people with persistent headaches tend to be normal.

Complicating matters further, headaches are often just one of many symptoms that long-term COVID-19 patients experience, and many also refer to fatigue, shortness of breath, joint pain, and chest pain.

Corona headaches tend to be very difficult to treat or manage.

Doctors usually use a "multidisciplinary approach", with a variety of treatment options used to find the best solution. This can include a combination of medications as well as psychological and physical rehabilitation techniques and there is no one proven way to get results.

Home remedies for headaches related to corona


Most home medicine cabinets contain over-the-counter pain relievers—usually aspirin or ibuprofen—that may help you with regular headaches, whether due to coronavirus or any other cause.

But do not rely on these painkillers for more than a week, as long-term use of these painkillers causes what we call rebound headaches or medication overuse headaches, which are headaches caused by repeated use of medication in a short period of time.

Exceeding the recommended daily dose may cause a rebound headache, the same with caffeine use with medications.

If an over-the-counter medication doesn't provide the relief you normally see, take that as a sign, and that's when you want to reach out to your doctor to really address the problem.

Could this headache be unrelated to corona?


Headaches are part of everyday life, and according to statistics 3 out of 4 adults around the world will deal with headaches at some point this year, and there are more than 150 different types of headaches.


So this headache may not be related to a recent bout of coronavirus or a sign that you have coronavirus.

Headaches can be related to allergies, stress, the weather, or even certain foods and drinks.

If you have a headache on your own in the absence of any other symptoms, it probably has nothing to do with corona but always stay aware of your symptoms and - when in doubt - see your doctor.

Ways to prevent headaches associated with corona


Get vaccinated

Vaccination reduces your chance of getting an infection and has the incredible effect of reducing serious illness and long-term symptoms even if you do have them. It's the best thing you can do to avoid the virus and what it brings.