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Englishman Michael Oliver to referee Barcelona vs Bayern Munich in the Champions League

Football fans around the world and Europe in particular are waiting for the return of the enthusiastic Champions League competitions with a number of big confrontations that can be described as summits, and for its part, the UEFA Referees Committee announced the kick-off kits for the group stage of the Champions League Europe for the 2021/22 season.


It is scheduled to start the group stage next Tuesday and Wednesday with 16 fiery matches in the framework of the first round of the group stage of the Champions League this season.


The UEFA Referees Committee has decided on the names that will run the first day's matches, the most important of which are Barcelona against Bayern Munich and Chelsea with Zenit, in addition to Manchester United against Young Boys.


The Barcelona-Bayern Munich match will be directed by the English Michael Oliver, the Chelsea-Zenit match will be managed by the Polish Bartosz Frankowski, the Manchester United and Young Boys match will be directed by the French Francois Letixe, and the Juventus and Malmo match will be managed by Arthur Diaz, while the Atalanta and Villarreal match will be managed by Clement Turpin,


The Dutch whistle was assigned to the match between Lille and Wolfsburg, Danny Makele, while the match between Benfica and Dynamo Kiev, led by Englishman Anthony Taylor, and Seville with Salzburg, managed by Albela Rossi Alexei and Kolpakov.