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Britain records 30,144 cases of corona virus and 164 deaths in 24 hours

In the past 24 hours, the United Kingdom recorded 30,144 cases and 164 new deaths due to the emerging corona virus.

And government data showed - according to “Sky News” channel today, Saturday, that the total number of confirmed Covid-19 infections in the United Kingdom rose to 7 million and 401 thousand and 445 injuries, while the total number of deaths that occurred within 28 days of the infection was confirmed increased to 135 thousand. and 147 deaths.

She explained that 19,605 first doses of the anti-virus vaccine were given, bringing the total to 48,548,506 doses, and statistics indicate that 89.3% of those aged 16 years and over have received at least one dose.

During the same period, 59 thousand and 32 second doses were given, which means that 81.6% of the population (equivalent to 44 million and 357 thousand and 108 people aged 16 years and over) were fully vaccinated against the disease.