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Afghanistan's ambassador to Vienna denies her asylum application

Afghanistan's ambassador to Vienna, Manisa Bakhtiari, denied her intention to seek asylum in Austria after the Taliban movement came to power in the country, noting that she would not apply for asylum under any circumstances.

Bakhtari said in her statements today, Wednesday, that she wants to continue her work as an ambassador for her country and already has "some plans" for the coming period, noting that she loves Austria and may return to her as a tourist.

She added that so far the ambassador of the people of Afghanistan in Austria, and that she represents millions of people who do not have a voice at the present time, noting that she does not recognize the Taliban movement in power, but she will not resign until after the international recognition of the Taliban, considering that they are a terrorist group.

The ambassador stated that she agreed with Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg in saying that the Taliban should be judged by their actions, saying that they "give us no hope," adding, "The Taliban have changed their strategy but their goals are the same as they were 20 years ago."

Bakhtiari said that she expects a strong wave of refugees from her country, justifying that the security situation has deteriorated significantly in the country and that the Afghan people "are in dire need of humanitarian aid and international support."