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3 people, including a child, died in a gas explosion in an apartment building in Russia

Three people were killed, including an 11-year-old girl, after a gas explosion in a two-storey apartment building, Igor Artamonov, head of Russia's Lipetsk region, said, which also led to the collapse of the building located in a village south of the capital, according to "Bloomberg East".

Six were wounded, the TASS news agency reported, citing Vasily Razmonov, director of the local Emergencies Ministry.

The accident took place in a two-storey building in a village near the city of Yelets, according to the Russian "RT Arabiya" channel.

According to preliminary data, the explosion led to the collapse of one of the entrances to the building, and was not followed by a fire.

The statement indicated that two bodies were recovered from under the rubble, one of an 11-year-old child, and the other of a woman.

The accident also resulted in the injury of 6 people, most of them with broken bones, including one child, and 5 of them were taken to hospital and are in a moderately serious condition.

Rescuers continue to search for a retiree who went missing during the accident.

The ministry indicated that in total, the number of people registered in the building is 47, but some of them do not actually reside there.