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Resumption of prayers inside churches destroyed by the devastating earthquake in Haiti

For the first time since the devastating August 14 earthquake, Haitians have resumed masses inside and outside destroyed churches.


In Les Cailles, many came to church to mourn the missing and give thanks for their escape.


At an evangelical church in Bergo, parishioners sang hymns under the sun streaming through holes in the ceiling and walls.


For his part, Reverend Severin Mark de Juna said, "This Sunday's mass has its privacy, because his denomination has not been able to meet since the earthquake."


Gangs have hijacked aid trucks and even ambulances, forcing aid workers to transport supplies by helicopter. In some areas, starving crowds clashed over bags of food.


And one of the capital's most powerful gangsters announced, in a video clip on social media, that the gangs allied with him had reached a truce and would help in relief efforts.


If this declaration proves true, this could allow relief efforts to be expedited.


Jimmy Scherezer, commander of the Revolutionary Forces G9, nicknamed "The Barbecue", addressed the most affected parts of Haiti through a video clip broadcast on Facebook, in which he said: "We want to tell them that the revolutionary forces G9 and their allies are all for the sake of the individual." One for all, we sympathize with their pain and sorrows."


"The G9 revolutionary forces and their allies will participate in the relief by providing assistance. We call on all citizens to show solidarity with the victims by trying to share a little with them," he added.


The Civil Protection Authority announced that the death toll from the 7.2-magnitude earthquake had risen to 2,207.