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Newsweek: Increasing calls for the impeachment of US President Biden after the events in Afghanistan

The American magazine Newsweek said that calls for the impeachment of US President Joe Biden in Congress have increased after the withdrawal of most US forces from Afghanistan, and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani relinquishing power to the Taliban.

The magazine noted that Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green said she is working on articles of impeachment in Congress, because she is so disgusted with Biden.

In a statement to the "War Room" podcast presented by former Trump-era strategist Steve Bannon, Green added that her team is now working on articles of impeachment, and she has already presented a set of provisions, but Biden's failure as president is untold.

Senator Florid Rick Scott also raised the prospects of Biden being overthrown after Afghanistan collapsed and fell to the Taliban. American?"

Newsweek notes that these statements about the president by prominent politicians came after the hashtag "Impeach Biden" spread widely on the social media and became among the trends on Twitter on Monday morning.

And Candace Owens, a Twitter activist who has 2.8 million followers, posted a picture comparing America's exit from a helicopter from Vietnam and Afghanistan with the words "Biden Saigon", and added the hashtag "Impeach Biden."

Rod Giuliani, a lawyer for former President Donald Trump and the former mayor of New York, was quick to criticize Biden, his deputy, Kamala Harris, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Twitter, and said that this is a bad disaster from Biden, and may lead to the impeachment of Biden now, and then the isolation of Biden and Harris leads to a disaster. Peulsi.

Amy Tarkanian, the Republican Representative of Nevada, wrote on Twitter that Biden may not remain commander in chief after the events in Afghanistan in recent days.