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IGI Real Estate... 27 years of leadership in the real estate market in Egypt

Injecting 300 million pounds into the construction works of the projects during the current year

IGI plans to launch a commercial project on an area of ​​100,000 square meters that will be the "icon" of 6th of October City

Payment methods for residential units up to ten years in the company's various projects


“IGI Real Estate” was established in 1994, and its beginning was with the “Gardenia Park” and “Al-Ashgar neighborhood” project in Sixth of October City, which are considered among the first real estate projects that established the compound system during the last decade of the last century. Since then, “IGI Real Estate” has continued » Pioneering the real estate sector, and for the past 27 years it has succeeded in establishing many successful projects and delivering thousands of housing units to clients, and is currently preparing to launch new residential, commercial and administrative projects that add to the real estate sector in particular and the national economy in general.

The Ashgar City project, which is considered the jewel of projects in the West Cairo area, has been proposed, due to its strategic location close to all main axes and roads in the region such as Al-Wahat Road, Ring Road, Fayoum Road, Dahshur Road, and it is close to major services, including many malls. The famous commercial and universities in Sixth of October City. IGI Real Estate offers housing units with areas starting from 80 square meters suitable for small families and up to 236 square meters for those wishing to acquire large areas. In addition to the diversity in space, it offers a diversity in the form of the unit between the units of the ground floor with a garden, and units with roof terraces or duplex units in addition to the units of repeated floors. The company is working during the current period to complete the implementation and delivery of the units sold in the project, with a total of 2,000 units, among the units that have been delivered and are being implemented.

The same applies to the last phase of the “Ashgar Neighborhood”, which was launched under the name “Ashgar Residence” with areas ranging from 140 meters up to 220 meters to suit the needs of all customers, and the company responded to its customers and offered attractive payment offers that reached an installment period of up to 10 years, and at the same time I hastened to start implementing it by contracting with one of the major contracting companies, “LMS Construction” and “Al-Ammar” project consultant company, and it is scheduled to finish the entire project within only 4 years.


And because it is always striving for leadership, IGI Real Estate has implemented the units of its “Oak Park” project in 6 October City on an area of ​​21 acres through 3 different models, spaces and designs of various sizes, ranging from 167 to 235 meters, with payment facilities extending up to 10 years. Starting its implementation, provided that the units are delivered to customers within 3 years. The company aims to achieve sales in the "Oak Park" and "Ashgar Residence" projects, with a total of 600 units worth 3.5 billion pounds.

IGI Real Estate has pumped 150 million pounds into its projects during the past year 2020, and aims to double this value to reach 300 million pounds during this year to speed up the pace of construction work on its projects.


IGI Real Estate does not rely on its previous successes, but rather seeks to continue the process of construction and development, as it currently owns a land portfolio of more than 2.5 million square meters, and is preparing to launch a variety of residential, commercial and service projects, starting with a commercial and entertainment project on an area of ​​100,000 Meter is planning to become an "icon" of commercial and recreational activities in the city. Therefore, the company is currently working with major specialized consulting offices to develop international designs that take into account the provision of unprecedented services to the project's visitors while maintaining the presence of large green spaces.

"IGI Real Estate" has addressed different segments of clients through its projects "Gardenia Park", "Gardenia Park II" and "Gardenia Springs". On the other hand, it presented its projects "Neighborhood of Trees", "Ashgar Heights", "Ashgar City" and "Oak Park", and delivered about 4,500 housing units, accommodating nearly 20,000 residents.

It is a subsidiary of IGI International Investment Group, which was established in 1973 and is one of the leading private sector companies. It includes diversified companies operating in several activities and sectors, including steel manufacturing, construction, petroleum support services, FMCG trading, agricultural activities, food processing, cosmetics, electronics and communications.