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"If you trade electronically in the stock market"...beware 5 mistakes that may cost you wasting your investments

Warnings have spread over the past two days, from major financial institutions to their clients, that they should not disclose any data about their accounts, whether any personal data or a password for clients’ cards or accounts. their investments, which are:

1- The investor is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of his password and that his use of the password and user name is limited to him only or to another person legally authorized to do so.


2- The investor shall be solely responsible for the instructions sent from his online trading account, including any errors, omissions or repetitions in such instructions.


3- The investor's cash account should be sufficient in case of purchase, and the securities account should be sufficient to reserve securities in case of sale.


4- The investor is prohibited from giving orders that involve speculative or fictitious or trying to deliberately influence prices in violation of the laws, regulations and rules in force, especially the rules of trading and listing in the stock exchange.


5- The investor is obligated to notify the company as soon as any of the access data to the online trading system is lost or becomes aware that another party has obtained it, and until the time of the notification, he will be fully responsible for any damages that may occur to him.


Trading in securities through the Internet means the possibility of buying and selling securities through the international information network, through the website of the brokerage company that the investor deals with, which was prepared specifically for this purpose, and owned by the brokerage company that is licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority, to practice The mechanism of trading through the international information network (the Internet), and making it available to its customers, provided that an approved contract is drawn up between the business and the brokerage company for electronic trading.