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A Tunisian writer calls for a road map: We are moving from a corrupt system to a new building

Rabih Kaaloul, the Tunisian journalist writer, called for a road map for Tunisia and the appointment of a prime minister quickly so that he can manage the ministers, explaining: “Although Tunisia has been without a prime minister for a week and without ministries, the situation is stable, and the people in the streets celebrate and rejoice at the decisions taken by the president. Tunisian Kais Saied has suspended parliament and dissolved the government, and there are no political or economic problems.

The Tunisian journalist writer said, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, from Tunisia, that the country is on the right path, and therefore a road map must be drawn up beyond July 25, to be a stage of building and moving from a spoiled and tampered system to a stage of new construction and building the civil state as a state. Citizenship and freedoms.

The Tunisian journalist writer explained that the President of the Republic, Kais Saied, reassured the Tunisian people, and stressed that there is no room for tampering with freedoms and rights, and these messages confirm that Tunisia's new path will protect the freedoms and rights of the Tunisian people.