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Will Saleh Jumaa fulfill his brother's wish and move to Zamalek?

Saleh Gomaa, the star of the Ceramica team, is still striving to restore his usual level, which he was at earlier, especially after his departure from Al-Ahly Club, hoping to prove himself and basically get the opportunity.

Saleh Gomaa is considered a great football talent and tremendous technical capabilities that distinguished the current and former Al-Ahly Ceramica playmaker, which put him in a prominent position among the owners of this center in Egyptian football, but his career was not limited to the football side, which sometimes distracted his attention.

Abdullah Gomaa, the star of Zamalek, reiterated his wishes for his brother Abdullah to join the white team, as he confirmed that his brother is superior to him in technical terms, adding: “Saleh Gomaa is very different from me in football, and his talent is much higher than me, but he wronged himself in the recent period.”

Abdullah added, during his statements to the “The Third Right” program on the Zamalek channel screen, with the media, Abdel Wahed Al-Sayed, that he hopes that Saleh Gomaa will join the ranks of Zamalek, especially as he seeks to restore his level and focus well in football, explaining that Zamalek negotiated with Saleh Gomaa during Mortada’s era. Mansour, but the negotiations did not take place.

The question that arises on the minds of fans and followers of Egyptian football has become, will Saleh Gomaa move to Zamalek and fulfill his brother Abdullah's wish? Especially after Saleh stated on one of the television programs that if he received an offer to move to Zamalek, he would not mind that, stressing that the White Club is one of the poles of Egyptian football and playing has an honor.