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Why should diabetics get the corona vaccine?

 Diabetics who have been infected with the Corona virus are more susceptible to severe symptoms, and in addition to dealing with these symptoms, they face many challenges related to the condition of chronic diabetes, which increases the importance of diabetes patients receiving the Corona vaccine for several reasons that we learn about in the following lines, according to the website. Times of India.

 Corona virus and diabetes vaccine


Corona vaccines are a simulation of infection with the coronavirus, as the vaccine also activates the immune response in the body, which leads to the side effects that a person experiences after receiving the vaccine, however, unlike Corona infection, vaccines are in no way associated with high levels of sugar in the body. the blood.

Director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Bhopal, Dr Sarman Singh, said that people with high blood sugar can take their dose of the corona vaccine because there is no possible link between the vaccines and blood sugar levels, while it is recommended to monitor blood sugar levels for Public Health.

Dr. Singh stressed that corona vaccines do not interfere with blood sugar levels, and recommended vaccination as soon as possible.

People with chronic diseases such as: diabetes should get vaccinated as a priority, as infection with the Corona virus can take a heavy toll on health.

Anyone and everyone can contract the virus however, the severity may vary from person to person. When it comes to people with diabetes, they are more likely to develop an infection.

 The Indian Council of Medical Research also said in its guidelines that diabetics are not at greater risk of contracting COVID-19, but are generally at risk of severe infection.

Apart from that, people with high blood sugar levels are also more prone to mucosal fungus or black fungus infection.