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Two weeks after surgery, Pope Francis appears from the Vatican window

Two weeks after surgery that removed part of his colon, Pope Francis made his traditional appearance Sunday from the window of the Vatican to greet believers in Christianity.

Exactly a week ago, Pope Francis appeared from the balcony of the hospital where he was being treated, and the Pope underwent intestinal surgery on the Fourth of July to remove part of his colon after intestinal narrowing.

The crowd waved national flags and chanted in anticipation of the pope's appearance on Sunday.

Pope Francis said: "Dear brothers and sisters, happy day!" and smiled to the crowd below in St Peter's Square

After 10 days in the main Catholic hospital in Rome, Francis returned to his home in Vatican City on July 14.

With the exception of the pope's appearance on Sunday to offer his blessing to the faithful gathered in St Peter's Square, the pope has no other public appearances scheduled for the remainder of July.

In another context, Pope Francis, Pope of the Vatican, sent a telegram to German President Steinmeier, expressing his deep participation in the pain of those who lost their loved ones or who are looking for them because they are missing.

According to the Vatican Radio, the Pope has not lost his thought and his proximity to Germany, which in recent days has been hit by a storm that has caused floods, deaths and destruction, where there are currently 45 victims, while many are still missing.

In a telegram signed by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Vatican, and addressed to the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Franz-Walter Steiner, Pope Francis wrote that he was “deeply moved” by what happened in North Rhineland - Westphalia and Rhineland - Palatinate, so “he remembers in prayer the people who lost their lives.” It expresses his deep gratitude to their families."

In his prayers, the Pope also mentions the people who are still missing, the wounded, and those whose property has been damaged or lost due to the force of nature. Asking God's help and protection, Pope Francis affirms his spiritual closeness to those who do their best, and thus to the police and paramedics.

He added that the images that remain are a sign of the disaster caused by two continuous days of rain, due to the rise and flooding of many small and medium-sized streams of water, which caused human lives as well as homes, shops and cars to be drawn.