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The President of the Libyan Presidential Council calls on the African Union to play its role in achieving stability

The President of the Libyan Presidential Council, Dr. Muhammad Al-Manfi, called on the African Union to play its role towards Libya and support it to achieve sustainable security and stability, which will be reflected on the neighboring countries and the countries of the African continent, during his speech at the end of his visit to the Republic of “Congo Brazzaville”, today, Tuesday, during which he discussed with the President The Congolese "Denis Sassou Nguesso", the latest developments in the situation in Libya.

The exile stressed the importance of the committee established by the African Union on the Libyan issue headed by President "Denis Sassou", to enable the Union to provide more effective support for peace and reconciliation efforts in Libya and to enhance the results of the initiatives of neighboring countries to end the Libyan crisis, and stressed the need for coordination between the United Nations, international partners and the Union. African Union to resolve issues related to the Libyan issue.

He praised the interest of African countries in Libya, which emphasizes the importance of heading towards the African continent, creating economic partnerships with it, and investing its resources the optimal investment that qualifies it to be in the ranks of developed countries.

The exile called on African countries to move towards sustainable development that reduces poverty and unemployment and help African youths to settle in their country, to contribute to its development, and to abandon the decision to migrate towards the unknown, to cut off the path for countries that have ambitions for African good.