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The President of Lebanon and the caretaker government agree to continue the drug support policies

Lebanese President Michel Aoun and the Lebanese caretaker government head, Dr. Hassan Diab, agreed to continue the policy of supporting medicine and medical supplies within a mechanism that takes into account the priority set by the Ministry of Public Health, which was emphasized in the rationalization plan submitted by the caretaker prime minister to the House of Representatives. Consensus on the need to support the Lebanese pharmaceutical industries in coordination between the Ministry of Health and the Syndicate of the Lebanese Serum and Pharmaceutical Industry.


This came during the meeting held today at Baabda Palace (the headquarters of the Presidency of the Republic), in the presence of the Ministers of Finance and Public Health and the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Dr. Riad Salameh.


Aoun began the meeting by emphasizing the need to give priority to securing medicine without overburdening citizens by increasing prices, considering that subsidizing medicine and medical supplies is one of the basic constants to reduce the social and living suffering that Lebanon suffers from.


The Lebanese President stressed that it is not right for pharmacies to be free of medicines, especially those that are essential and necessary for the health of the citizen, and that it is not allowed to monopolize, smuggle or store medicine and prevent its access to citizens to raise its price randomly, making it difficult for citizens to buy it


He stressed the importance of supporting the pharmaceutical industry in Lebanon, pointing out that the Lebanese pharmaceutical factories enjoy high standards of quality, which makes them able to produce medicines that help meet the needs of the Lebanese market and reduce the crisis that Lebanon witnessed recently, which is considered in several aspects, including a fabricated crisis added to A series of crises facing the Lebanese these days and increase their suffering.


For his part, Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that the Lebanese have endured a lot of social and living pressures, and dealt with them realistically, but the price of medicine and its loss from pharmacies is an unsustainable issue, stressing that it is not permissible to treat medicine as if it were a commercial commodity.


It is scheduled to issue at a later time an exceptional approval from the presidents of the republic and the caretaker government in order to stabilize the continuation of support for medicine and medical supplies.