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The Ministry of Planning: The Egyptian state is committed to implementing Africa's Agenda 2063

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development participated; Represented by Dr. Mona Essam, Head of the Sustainable Development Unit, and Aya Nawar, Deputy Head of the Unit, in the virtual workshop organized by the African Commission in cooperation with the African Development Agency at the expert level, to prepare for the second continental report on the implementation of the Africa Agenda 2063, in light of the interest of the Egyptian state By heading towards the African continent and its full commitment to the implementation of Africa Agenda 2063.

The workshop aimed to raise the awareness of African Union member states about Africa’s Agenda 2063 and the Ten-Year Implementation Plan 2013-2023, by reviewing the components of the agenda (7 aspirations - 20 goals - 40 priority areas - targets - indicators) and their relationship to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030).

The workshop discussed frameworks for follow-up and evaluation of Agenda 2063, which aims to enhance the principle of accountability and adopt evidence-based policies to ensure the achievement of the aspirations of the African continent, and discuss the main steps in the process of preparing national reports on the progress made in implementing Africa Agenda 2063, and its most important components.

It was also noted that the continental report on the implementation of Africa's Agenda 2063 is prepared every two years, as the first continental report was issued in 2019, and the second continental report will be presented during the African Union Summit in February 2022.

The preparation of continental reports aims at exchanging experiences and best practices among African countries to ensure the achievement of the Agenda 2063, and the data of the continental report is collected and analyzed through national reports prepared by the member states of the African Union on the extent of progress made in implementing the African Agenda 2063.

It is worth noting that Egypt submitted a national report in 2019, along with 30 African countries.