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The Arab League calls for the participation of young people in decision-making and building a better future

Today, Monday, the League of Arab States saluted the promising and enthusiastic Arab youth who represent the true strength of our Arab nation in its sacred battle for survival, construction and development, explaining that with the help of these young people, we are facing the challenge for advancement and prosperity.

She added, in a statement, that Arab youth have proven their ability to deal with reality and face challenges, so we found innovative innovations for young people, and positive initiatives to protect societies from the effects and repercussions of the Corona virus at the health, social and economic levels, explaining that it has developed axes for working with young people represented in drawing policies and plans. Executive to ensure the integration of young people in their Arab countries and activate their participation in political, social and cultural life and the organization of initiatives to work with youth entities and bodies.

In view of the concerns related to the outbreak of the Corona virus, the Arab League decided to organize the celebration of Arab Youth Day, in cooperation with the ministries of youth and sports or those in their ruling in the Arab countries, in a manner that suits each country and to send a summary to the social affairs sector, to circulate it to the Arab countries, and to act as a point of contact from In order to exchange information and experiences between ministries in Arab countries and exchange current and future plans and programs for youth that have been developed by Arab countries to confront this pandemic.

The League of Arab States called for making Arab youth a part of decision-making and building a better future for all, noting the efforts of young people to rebuild their societies and recover from the Corona crisis, in order to establish societies that are inclusive and more capable of achieving the sustainable development goals of the United Nations in 2030.

It recommended investing innovative ideas among creative Arab youth in modern projects based on the exploitation of various Arab resources. It also recommends investing youth energies and considering them as an effective economic force that must be invested in modern projects and effectively exploiting youth energies in the labor market. It also calls on Arab youth for more unity. And rally around his leadership and achieve the correct concept of citizenship in an integrated manner.

The university concluded its statement by saying that it is always and forever determined to support its youth to achieve their dreams towards the future and hope.