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President of the Federation of Tourism Chambers: President Sisi's directives have positively affected the tourism industry

The Board of Directors of the Federation of Chambers of Tourism issued its annual report on the performance and work of the Council during the past year, and the report was sent to the members of the General Assembly of the Federation after the association’s annual meeting could not be held due to the conditions of the spread of the Corona pandemic.


The report reviewed in detail the work of the Board of Directors during the past year and the most important achievements that were achieved during that period in various fields of tourism, and Ahmed Al-Wasif sent a letter attached to the annual report in which he stressed that due to the current crisis and the precautionary and preventive measures that prevented the convening of the annual general assembly of the Union, the report was sent to Members to review it, stressing the union's readiness to receive and respond to all members' inquiries.


In his speech in the annual report of the Union, Ahmed Al-Wasif expressed his hope that Egypt and its people would overcome that difficult period that afflicted the world with semi-complete paralysis, and its impact extended in the first place to the tourism industry, which had the greatest impact on the economies of countries, especially tourism, and added that since the first day of the emergence of the virus in Egypt and the closure of airports On March 19, 2020, the union worked around the clock to present the sector’s demands in full cooperation and coordination with the government represented by Dr. Khaled al-Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, and with the five tourist rooms. The union’s requests received the attention of decision-makers, and a package of decisions was presented to save the tourism industry from The collapse and preservation of tourist employment, which was hit by unemployment in most countries of the world.


Al-Wasif said that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s directives since the first day of the crisis had a positive impact on the sector and reflected the president’s interest in the tourism industry and its related employment, noting that a package of directives had been issued to support the sector, and Al-Wasif stressed that the union is represented in its board of directors, the general assembly and the agency The administrative staff did not stop working, the board of directors and the authority of the union office held 28 meetings within a year, and training continued remotely to preserve the lives of the participants, as curricula were developed regarding precautionary measures. The president of the union said that in full coordination with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, precautionary measures and conditions were established. On the basis of this, the partial reopening of hotel and tourist facilities, domestic and international, on the first of July 2020, and after Egypt obtained the “Safe Travel” seal from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).


In his speech to the General Assembly, the wassef indicated that the union contributed to the production of propaganda films that showed the health and preventive measures taken by the establishments to reassure local and foreign tourists, and within the framework of promotion efforts also, the union, in cooperation with the Tourism Promotion Authority and Chambers, formed joint committees to study the possibility of promoting Egyptian tourism. It is expected that this framework for cooperation between the private and government sectors will continue in efforts to revitalize and promote after the end of the Corona crisis, and a number of board members participated in a door-knock trip to the markets of Belarus and Ukraine, which had the greatest impact in increasing the number of tourists from these two countries. Al-Wasif expressed his hope for a quick return to the tourism movement, saying: Egyptian tourism has proven with evidence and proof throughout history that it does not die and will recover.