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Orange diet to lose weight 10 kilos in 3 weeks

Doctors confirmed that the use of oranges with proteins greatly improves the secretion of the hormone that contributes to burning fat, so nutrition experts created the orange diet to lose weight. In this report, we learn about the orange diet and how to follow it to lose weight, according to the “iia” website.

Orange diet to lose weight


The orange diet for weight loss is based on the fact that the high content of vitamin C positively supports thinness, and a sufficient amount of calories allows him to eat other foods to forget the feeling of hunger.

Orange also speeds up the expulsion of toxins from the body, and when the body is cleaned from the inside, and blood circulation improves, toxic substances are neutralized, which explains the improvement of the psychological state of the person who follows the orange diet.

Orange diet for three weeks


Orange diet helps those who want to lose 8-10 kilograms for three weeks, and it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

The first week: every three hours you should eat one orange - its daily ration is one kilogram in addition to the daily diet should include two boiled eggs and two liters of water.

 During the first week: you must have a strong will to lose weight, because this is the period of the greatest restrictions in eating, the next two stages are much easier.

The second week: The diet supports getting one kilogram of oranges and two liters of water. You can eat oatmeal and rice cereal.

The third week: the traditional orange and water remain in the daily menu, but the grains from the diet disappear and we replace them with vegetables. There are no restrictions here. The amount of food eaten is limited only by the desire of the person to eat.

3 day orange diet


First day

Breakfast: 100g white bread with cereal and orange.

Lunch: a slice of salmon on a salad, with lemon juice and two slices of bran bread for dessert - yoghurt, orange and a little honey.

Dinner: a piece of roasted liver and mushrooms. Dessert consists of berries with yogurt and orange.

the second day

Breakfast: white bread with butter and fresh orange juice.

Lunch: some boiled beans and a leaf salad toasted with butter and orange.

Dinner: a piece of low-fat boiled meat, mashed potatoes, stewed zucchini and dessert carrots - a glass of yogurt, 100 grams. Fresh pineapple and orange.

the third day

Breakfast: toast with butter, two pieces of cheese and a slice of watermelon.

Lunch: a salad of boiled beets, carrots, greens, and a portion of rice with beef, an orange for dessert.

Dinner: a piece of boiled chicken with boiled broccoli cabbage at the end of meals - an orange.

This diet will help to lose 2 or 3 kilograms in a short time. In addition, the intestines are cleansed.