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Mostafa Mourad Fahmy: Zamalek's demands for the title of the most crowned are illogical

Mustafa Murad Fahmy, former head of the FIFA Competitions Committee, confirmed that he had nothing to do with the file of choosing the champion of the century, and that he was not among the committee that chose Al-Ahly Club as a champion of the twentieth century in Africa.

Mustafa Murad Fahmy, during his interview with Mustafa Abdo on the “Al-Majari” program broadcast on Al-Ahly channel, said: “I have nothing to do with the issue of the Century Champion’s file. Any club objected at that time in 1994, and the century was supposed to end at the end of 1999, but it was extended for the year 2000 and Zamalek benefited, because it took more points than Al-Ahly this year.

Mustafa Murad Fahmy added: “A committee was established to determine the champion of the century, in which I was not present or active, and they monitored the points of all the clubs, took the table and completed it, and acknowledged that Al-Ahly Club is the champion of the century in Africa, and all that is said that I am the reason is incorrect because I was not present in this The Commission".

And Mostafa Mourad Fahmy continued: “When we set the criteria for ranking the clubs, the title of the Century Champion was not taken into account, but the title was set by the committee in 2000, in which I was not present, and Zamalek is currently demanding the title of the most crowned, but how do I give Zamalek a title, which is not the most A culmination at the moment, and if we create a title for the most in a certain period, every club will demand the period in which it was superior.”