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Lavrov: Russia will not take any steps towards Afghanistan unless the fighting in it goes beyond its borders

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that Moscow will not take any steps regarding the situation in Afghanistan, unless the ongoing hostilities there go beyond the country's borders.

Lavrov said - during a joint press conference held in Moscow today, Friday with his Indian counterpart Subramanian Jaishankar - on whether the world is able to tolerate the "Taliban" control again over Afghanistan without any agreements with the Kabul government, that this question should be directed primarily to the Afghans themselves. .

He continued, "With the mediation of the United States, the steps to be taken to stabilize the situation, launch a political process, reach an agreement regarding the transitional phase, and then define the final parameters for the future of Afghanistan. It is clear that no one but the Afghans themselves can resolve these issues, but the agreements concluded between Washington The "Taliban" has called for the welcome of all parties, and we support its implementation."

Lavrov stressed that at the same time, recent developments on the territory of Afghanistan raise Moscow's concern about the danger of "problems spreading to the territory of our allies."

On the Taliban's control of border crossings at the Afghan government with Tajikistan and Iran, Lavrov said: "As long as this happens on the territory of Afghanistan, we do not intend to take any measures other than repeating our urgent calls."

The Russian minister stressed that developments in Afghanistan will be put on the agenda of the ministerial meeting to be held by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, next week, with a separate session of the joint working group between the organization and Afghanistan, adding: "We will listen to the plans of our Afghan friends on presenting the political process."

Lavrov also noted that the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, will also host the Central and South Asia Conference next week, expressing Moscow's hope that all participants in both events will send a strong message to all Afghans about the need to start reaching agreements in a serious manner.