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Kaf praises the brilliance of Sofiane Rahimi in 7 goals with Raja in the Confederation

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) praised the brilliance of Sofiane Rahimi, the star of the Moroccan club Raja, who contributed to his decisive goals in his team's rise to the final of the African Confederation this season.

The Confederation of African Football published "K" on its Twitter account, in which it said, "4 goals and 3 assists... Sofian Rahimi is the player who has contributed the most goals with Raja in the Confederation Cup this season."

Sofiane Rahimi contributed 7 goals as the player who contributed the most goals with Raja in the Confederation Cup this season, where he scored 4 goals and made 3 assists.

Sofiane Rahimi participated with Moroccan Raja in 35 games this season, during which he scored 14 goals and made 13 other goals for his colleagues, to put his mark on 27 goals scored by Raja this season, which is a distinct rate for the left wing of the team for the Moroccan.

And the marketing value of Rahimi reached one million and 300 thousand euros, the 25-year-old since his footballing inception did not know a team other than Moroccan Raja, as his star emerged in the junior sector with Raja and started playing matches in the 2018 season.

The total of Rahimi's participation with Moroccan Raja reached 125 matches, during which he scored 37 goals and assisted 36 others.

In front of the Moroccan national team, Rahimi’s first participation was on May 26, and he played two international matches with the Atlantic Lions, but he did not score or make goals.

Rahimi won 3 titles with Moroccan Raja, where he won the African Super Cup, the African Confederation, in addition to the Moroccan League, and Rahimi’s contract with Raja extends to June 2025.

Moroccan Sufian Rahimi has a cocktail of skills in passing, receiving and dribbling that make him an expected target for Al-Ahly Club in the upcoming summer transfers, especially as the player is influential and decisive in front of the goal and has the talent of scoring from half-opportunities.