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Egypt enters the adult club in the production of gold in 2020 with 14.1 tons

Egypt entered the club of adults in the production of gold, as the World Gold Council revealed that Egypt’s production of the yellow metal in 2020 amounted to 14.1 tons, and the list of major producers included 43 countries, and Egypt ranked 36th in the world.


The World Gold Council revealed that Sudan is ranked 15th in the world in terms of production volume in 2020, which amounted to 83.3 tons, at a time when global gold production reached 3,478 tons, or 122.7 million ounces.


China occupies the first place with a production volume of approximately 368 tons, to be alone with 11% of gold production in the world, followed by Russia with a production volume of 331 tons, then Australia with 328 tons, and in fourth place America with about 190.2 tons.