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Effective tips to preserve your skin in the summer by cooling

 Cleaning and refreshing the skin is important during the hot and humid season, as the heat can lead to problems such as rashes and pimples, and the summer heat can also lead to problems such as sunburn and skin allergies, according to the healthsite report.

Ice treatments

Clinical cryo treatments with dry ice are performed by professional therapists to remove skin tags, and a cold ingredient such as ice can have beauty care uses. Here are the different ways you can use ice to keep your skin cool.

Apply it to your skin, but with caution


Rubbing the skin with ice may have cooling and refreshing benefits, but do not apply ice directly to the skin, as it can constrict the blood vessels and damage the capillaries. This should be done after cleansing.

Iced rose water

Rose water is one of the best coolants and a powerful tonic for the skin. You can cool the rose water in a bowl and leave a cotton ball soaked in it. Wipe the face with cooled rose water bandages to unify the skin tone, help blood circulation, and maintain the freshness of the skin. Wipe the skin several times a day with these bandages to feel cool and refreshed.

Green tea and cucumber juice


You can make ice cubes with natural ingredients like green tea or cucumber juice. These cubes can be placed around the eyes for a few seconds at a time to reduce puffiness and even dark circles. The same can be done with Aloe Vera to soothe the skin after sun exposure and sunburn.

Cucumber and watermelon for the face

You can mix cucumber juice (or pulp) and watermelon with two teaspoons of powdered milk and one egg white. You can put the ingredients in a blender to get a smooth paste. Apply it on the face and neck and rinse with water after half an hour.

Ripe papaya and oat scrub


Ripe papaya has a cleansing and cooling effect, add oats and curd to the papaya, apply it on the face and rub it gently on the skin, then wash it with water.

Cucumber juice and rose water


To even out skin tone, mix cucumber juice with rose water in equal quantities. Apply on the face and wash off with normal water after 20 minutes.

coconut milk for face

Try coconut water or coconut milk to soften and soothe the skin this summer. It also helps cool the skin, brighten it and remove tan. Apply it on the skin and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes, then wash it off with normal water.