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Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament: We are coming to difficult days أيام

Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Elie Ferzli, said: “We are coming on difficult days, and the country will descend from bad to worse if the government is not formed, because we are facing a systematic plan for destruction and political investment on this rubble, and therefore the government, then the government, and then the government is the only way to save the country.” According to MTV Lebanon.

Yesterday, Pope Francis called on Lebanon's leaders to set aside partisan interests and work for peace and stability in their country.

The Pope made this appeal at the end of a day-long summit with Lebanese Christian leaders in the Vatican; To discuss how religions can help the country recover from its crisis, and he reiterated his desire to visit Lebanon, France 24 reported.

The Pope stressed the importance that those in power finally and decisively choose to work for true peace and not for their own interests, "to put an end to the profiting of the few from the suffering of the many."

Lebanon is going through a political crisis as a result of the delay in forming the new government after the resignation of Hassan Diab's government more than 9 months ago, against the background of the Beirut port explosion.