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Can sweet potatoes help you lose weight?.. know the answer

Eating sweet potatoes is very beneficial for health, as they are rich in nutrients, experts advise you to eat them whenever possible. There are countless health benefits that you may get when consuming sweet potatoes in any form, and perhaps the most important of them is that it may help in weight loss. According to the website "Onlymyhealth".

Weight loss

While potatoes are your enemy if you are trying to lose weight, this does not happen with sweet potatoes, because they contain resistant starch that is similar to fiber and is not absorbed by the body, instead of eating carbohydrates you should have foods that contain resistant starch because it can speed up the burning process The fats will make your weight loss journey smoother, and eating sweet potatoes will reduce your hunger pangs and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

It contains antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential for the body to reduce oxidative stress that can cause a range of health problems. Antioxidant foods help prevent premature aging of cells and prevent chronic disease.

Rich in vitamins A

and C

Vitamins A and C are essential to promote the overall health of the body. Foods that are high in these vitamins should be consumed to prevent disease and boost immunity. Eating sweet potatoes will provide you with these vital vitamins.

Rich in nutrients

Sweet potatoes are also rich in essential nutrients, such as B vitamins, manganese, potassium, and others, and they work to increase collagen production for healthy skin and promote bone health.

diabetes control

If you have diabetes and feel that eating sweet foods may raise your blood sugar levels, you are wrong. Sweet potatoes contain resistant starch that is completely different from the starch you get from carbohydrates, as the high fiber content in sweet potatoes helps in burning This starch slowly to provide energy for a long time, this does not cause your blood sugar to increase and your diabetes will remain normal and under control.

regulating blood pressure

If you suffer from fluctuations in blood pressure or you are sick with high or low blood pressure, do not be afraid to eat sweet potatoes because they help control blood pressure and keep it under control, because they contain potassium, which in turn helps to get rid of excess salt in the body, which promotes preservation on cardiovascular health.


Inflammation is one of the factors that poses a threat to health and causes chronic diseases, so it is important to eat sweet potatoes daily, especially as they are anti-inflammatory.