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Atletico Madrid announces Felix has undergone ankle surgery

The Spanish club, Atletico Madrid, officially announced that its Portuguese international player, Joao Felix, underwent surgery, as he confirmed that the 21-year-old striker suffers from an ankle injury, which he suffered during his participation with his country in the European Nations (Euro 2020).

Atletico Madrid said in its statement: "Joao Felix underwent an operation on his right ankle, by Professor Nick van Dijk. The operation was performed this morning in Porto under the supervision of the Atletico Madrid medical services."

Atletico Madrid's statement did not reveal the length of Joao Felix's absence, noting that his return to the stadiums depends on how quickly he recovers from the injury.

Joao Felix has been suffering from an ankle injury in his right foot since last December, and he refused to have surgery in order to continue helping Atletico Madrid in the competition for the Spanish league title.

The Spanish team, Atletico Madrid, won the La Liga title after a fierce struggle with Real Madrid, by one point in the last round of the competition.

Joao Felix joined the Portugal camp, despite suffering from an ankle injury, and after exiting the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020", against Belgium in the round of 16, he decided to perform the surgery before the start of the new season.