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Athletics fly to Tokyo in 3 groups to participate in the Olympics

A date has been set for the athletes of the athletics team to travel to Tokyo to participate in the Olympic Games, which will be held in Tokyo from July 23 to August 8.

The national athletics team is scheduled to fly to Japan in 3 groups, one of which will be on July 23 and includes Basant Hamida and her coach, while Mostafa Amr, Mohamed Magdy and Mostafa El-Gamal on the 25th, and with regard to Ihab Abdel Rahman, he will go to Tokyo on July 27.

 Athletics team players entered an indoor camp at Cairo Stadium in preparation for the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo.

 The camp is scheduled to continue until the date of travel to the Olympics, provided that the camp will be in the stadium for the throwers, while Basant Hamida enters a camp in Alexandria after returning from the Czech Championship, in which a representative of Egypt participates.