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A committee from the International Federation and the Ministry of Sports to discuss financial matters in the Hand Federation

The International Handball Federation, headed by Hassan Mostafa, assigned a committee to discuss the financial matters of the Egyptian Federation for the game from 2018 until the appointment of the temporary Mohamed Al-Amin committee after the suspension of Hisham Nasr, the former president of the federation, for allegedly breaching the medical bubble in the World Championship Egypt 2021.

The Ministry of Sports also notified the Hand Federation that a committee was also assigned to reveal financial matters, and the strange thing is that it was before the Tokyo Olympics.

Meanwhile, Hisham Nasr, the former head of the Handball Federation, who was suspended by the International Federation for allegedly penetrating the medical bubble in the 2021 World Championships hosted by Egypt, appealed the decision of the Olympic Committee, which stated that a committee was appointed to run the work of the Egyptian Handball Federation, because of that decision From violations and waste to the management of the General Assembly, which gave confidence to the Nasr Council.

The appeal is also based on the absence of any administrative or financial violations that marred the work of Nasr Council.

While the appeal included, Nasr Council received a debt of 4 million pounds from the union until the union's balances amounted to more than 100 million pounds.

The Egyptian Olympic Committee, headed by Hisham Hatab, approved the decision of the International Hand Federation last March to appoint a committee to conduct the work of the Game Federation, headed by Mohamed Al-Amin, until the elections for a new board of directors.

The committee includes: Nabil Khashaba, treasurer, and in the membership are: Assem Al-Saadani, Ayman Salah, Moamen Safa, Abdo Abdel Wahab, Mahmoud Al-Adl and Amr Fathy.

The temporary committee witnessed the addition of new members from the previous council, which are: Muhammad Al-Amin, Assem Al-Saadani and Ayman Salah, while the rest of the committee are members of Hisham Nasr's council.