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5 Information about new petrochemical projects.. Get to know them

A number of new petrochemical projects are being implemented with investments estimated at about 8 billion, which aim to sustainably provide the needs of the local market for petrochemical products on which many complementary industries are based, and to export the surplus of those products to support the national economy. The following is the most important information about them, which was as follows..


1- The Red Sea Refining and Petrochemicals Complex project, with investments of $7.5 billion.

2- Completing the updating of the national plan for the petrochemical industry until 2040, which contributes positively to maximizing the added value of natural resources.

 3- A number of new petrochemical projects are being studied to start implementing during the coming period.

 4- The project of the Red Sea National Refining and Petrochemical Company aims to produce 2.8 million tons per year of petrochemical products and 930 thousand tons per year of petroleum products.


4- The bio-ethanol production project aims to produce 100 thousand tons of bio-ethanol annually, with investments of $112 million, and it is planned to be completed by the end of 2023.


5- Polysilicon production project aims to maximize the added value of ultra-pure quartz ore instead of exporting it to produce 32 thousand tons annually with investments estimated at 120 million dollars.