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Zizou and Ben Sharqi share the lead in the list of players most participating with Zamalek

The White Castle duo, Ahmed Sayed Zizou and Moroccan Ashraf Ben Sharqi, shared the top spot in the list of the most participating players with Zamalek this season, as they each participated with the white team in 30 matches, before the start of tonight's match against Aswan in the General League.

Ben Sharqi is Zamalek's top scorer with 12 goals, while Zizou scored only 3 goals, and he comes in second place in terms of the most participating players, Zamalek midfielder Tarek Hamed with 29 games, while the rest of the list came as follows:

Ahmed Sayed Zizou: 30 matches

Achraf Bencharki: 30 matches

Tariq Hamed: 29 matches

Yusuf Obama: 28 games

winch: 28 games

Ferjani Sassi: 27 matches

Ahmed Fattouh: 24 matches

Shikabala: 24 matches

Mahmoud Alaa: 22 matches

Hazem Emam: 22 matches

Hamid Haddad: 18 matches

Mohamed Abdel Ghani: 17 matches 17

Abdullah Juma: 17 matches

Imam Ashour: 17 matches

Mohamed Abu Jabal: 16 matches

Hamza Mathlouthi: 16 matches

Islam Jaber: 16 matches

Marwan Hamdy: 16 matches

Osama Faisal: 14 matches

Saif Al-Jaziri: 13 matches

Jensh: 9 matches

Mohamed Awad: 8 matches

Abdel Shafi: 8 matches

Mohamed Abdel Salam: 6 matches

Hussein Faisal: 6 matches

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz: 5 matches

Mohamed Ashraf Roqa: 5 matches

Ahmed Eid: 3 matches