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Will Nasser Maher go to Pyramids to achieve Al-Ahly’s “dream” in a reciprocal deal?

Nasser Maher, the Al-Ahly player, asked to leave the Red Castle at the end of the current season, mainly because he did not participate with the team during the last period, and Nasser Maher wants to have the opportunity to participate continuously, so he wants to leave after making sure of the difficulty of his participation with the Red Genie.

Musimani, Al-Ahly's technical director, relies on Mohamed Magdy Afsha in the Playmaker Center, and after him Walid Suleiman, and after them Nasser Maher.

According to Nasser Maher, with those close to him, he does not mind moving to Pyramids, whether through final sale or loan, or even entering into a reciprocal deal with Pyramids.

Al-Ahly wants to include Ibrahim Adel, the Pyramids star, in exchange for Nasser Maher’s departure for the heavenly team, which will be resolved during the coming period, in light of the Red Genie’s desire to obtain the services of the Pyramids star, along with Nasser Maher’s desire to leave to obtain an adequate opportunity.