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When does a "free day" meal become useful to your diet plan?

The free meal, or also known as the cheat meal, is like a reward intended to take a break when you follow a specific diet to lose weight, and it may be a day a week, a month, or only one meal a day, according to the website "onlymyhealth".

The benefit of the free meal varies according to the appropriate timing to eat it so that it serves your weight loss goals. The free meal may be effective if you are able to implement a good low-calorie diet.

Often the free meal "cheat meal" includes high-calorie foods that are not allowed to be consumed during the diet, but you must maintain the total number of calories while eating these delicious foods.

Nutrition experts say in this regard, that if you are going at a steady pace on the diet plan to lose weight, it is possible to eat the free meal twice a week without disturbing your diet, there is no specific time for it, but you can set it for yourself or with the help of a nutritionist according to the nature of your body.

According to some studies, eating a free meal once a week can motivate you to continue with your diet, as it may benefit your metabolism and aid in healthy weight loss.

The effectiveness of the free meal varies from person to person according to the diet you follow and the amount of calories in that meal, as you must take into account not to consume fewer calories than the amount you burn daily, do not overeat unhealthy foods and drinks, as it may be difficult for you to control yourself after that, which disturbs Weight loss plan.