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What should a diabetic do in case of infection with the Corona virus? .. Learn the most important tips

There is not enough data to show that diabetics are more susceptible to infection with corona than the general population, but mounting evidence indicates that the severity of the disease is worse in diabetics than in the general population.

Precautions by diabetic patients to prevent corona


According to the “healthsite” report, if a diabetic patient develops corona, he should immediately consult a doctor, preferably online, and you will be evaluated by your treating doctor online. If necessary, personal visits may be recommended to evaluate you in detail by clinical examination.

Immediately isolate yourself to one room, from the onset of symptoms, have this equipment handy:

pulse meter


A blood pressure monitor if you have high blood pressure.

A glucose meter if you are taking multiple diabetes medications and/or insulin.

The decision to continue treatment at home in isolation depends on the severity of the disease. Patients with mild symptoms may be treated at home while those with moderate to severe infections require hospitalization.

Treatment of mild corona infection in diabetics

If you qualify for home isolation, you need to follow certain instructions and precautions, and there is no FDA-approved oral antiviral medication yet for treatment.

Treatment focuses on managing symptoms that include controlling fever with paracetamol, cold symptoms with decongestants, and using multivitamins.

Usually, the usual medications for diabetes and high blood pressure are continued. Sometimes the medications may be adjusted and it is best to seek advice from your physician.

You may or may not need additional tests such as blood tests or CT scans, and your physician is the best at evaluating you clinically, so do not perform additional tests or scans on your own without consulting your physician first.

What precautions should diabetics take during a pandemic?


 If there are no contraindications, the corona vaccine should be vaccinated as soon as possible, this not only reduces the chance of infection, but also reduces the severity of infection.

Get regular follow-up with your doctor.

Keep your blood sugar under control.

Stay fit, eat healthy, and get active by exercising regularly.

Lose weight if your BMI is higher than normal.

There are also other adult immunizations recommended for diabetics such as the annual flu shots and the pneumococcal infection vaccination.

Make sure you are vaccinated against other potential infections.

Keep other medical conditions if you have any, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma, under control.

What diet should you follow if you have corona disease?


Continue your normal diabetic diet without too many changes.

The diet should contain a balanced amount of proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates.

Make sure to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables.

Stay hydrated by drinking soups and other diabetic-friendly liquids.

Avoid fruit juices as they may increase blood glucose, such as watermelon