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Tunisia announces the vaccination of one million and 51 thousand and 796 people with the first dose of the Corona vaccine

 The Tunisian Ministry of Health announced that one million and 51,796 people have been vaccinated with the first dose of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine until yesterday, the 83rd day of the national campaign for vaccination against the coronavirus.

The ministry indicated - according to a statement on the official page, today (Friday) - that the number of people who were vaccinated yesterday, Thursday, with the first dose, reached 34,936 people, in the various vaccination centers spread throughout the states of the Republic.

The ministry stated that the total number of those who have been vaccinated with the second dose of the vaccine has reached 322,894 people.

The statement added that the total number of those who registered on the Tunisian "Evax" system for vaccination against the Corona virus reached 2 million and 171 thousand and 997 people.

The Ministry of Health renewed its invitation to all male and female citizens wishing to receive the vaccination to register on the IFAX system.