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Training sessions for players to deal with heart injuries and swallowing the tongue after the Eriksen incident

Officials of the Medical Committee of the Football Association have decided to give players medical training courses before the start of the new season of the league, on how to deal with cases of players’ injuries on the field, including cases of heart and swallowing the tongue.

Dr. Mohamed Sultan, Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Football Association, confirmed that what happened to the player Eriksen, the star of the Danish national team, was a sudden cardiac arrest, and he spoke to one player out of every 100,000 athletes, due to the hypertrophic heart muscle disorder or because of the hot weather that takes place in the match.

Sultan told "The Seventh Day", that what happened may be due to a severe effort from the player or for genetic reasons related to the heart, pointing out that there is a comprehensive medical file that is supposed to be done for each player before these tournaments.

Sultan advised players not to drink energy drink because of its risks and side effects that may cause problems for players.

Sultan explained that in the African Nations Championship organized by Egypt, the matches were held with ambulances and a special bag for first aid, and courses were held for the sub-medical committees in the governorates at the time to deal with such cases.

The head of the medical committee confirmed that the Football Association is currently coordinating the establishment of training courses for medical devices for teams in all clubs, to deal professionally and accurately with cases of sudden cardiac arrest.

Sultan indicated that the clubs will be stressed by making a comprehensive medical file for each player, including details of the heart condition, with great physical effort due to the strong training of the players with the aim of discovering any heart defect in any player.

Sultan warned players against taking any medications or drugs without referring to the medical system for fear of their consequences or the possibility of them being considered stimulants, calling for a diet for players and athletes.