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The Zamalek family donates 1700 pounds to the Zamalek bank account after opening donations

The bank account of Zamalek Club received an amount of 1700 pounds, hours after Hussein Al-Samri, CEO of the White Castle, announced the opening of the account in order to receive donations from fans and fans of the club, and work to overcome the financial crisis that Zamalek is currently going through.

Three members of Magdy Al-Suyufi’s family donated to the Zamalek Club, with an amount of 1,700 pounds, whereby the father, Magdy Al-Suyufi, deposited 1,000 pounds, the son “Mazen” deposited 400 pounds, and the daughter “Salma” deposited 300 pounds.

A large number of fans and fans of Zamalek Club are currently seeking to donate through the bank account that was announced, and bears the number 1911, which is the date of the founding of the club.

Hussein Al-Samri wrote through his personal account: “The initiative of some fans and supporters of Zamalek to donate to him in light of the circumstances he is going through is very encouraging. Indeed, the club opened a special sub-account for this purpose, and the fans and supporters of the club began to activate it, the account number is 1911, which is the date of the club’s founding, number No. For fans of the club, he forgets the branch of Banque Misr, the Nile Valley branch, or the National Bank, the club wall branch.

It is unfortunate that some attack this idea applied in the world's richest economically, which is America, which is based on donations, and this matter is not forcing anyone to announce that we are not eating.


The question is for all critics of the idea.. Is the money of the wealthy Arab for Zamalek or Al-Ahly, under what name exactly?!!.