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The start of temporary work for the European certificate of Coronavirus, a month before the official date

Today, Tuesday, the technical system for the European digital certificate for Coronavirus began operating at the European Union level, which allows verification of certificates in a safe manner and takes into account privacy rules, with the aim of resuming safe travel and facilitating movement within the European Union in light of the epidemic.


The European Commission stated, in a statement today, Tuesday, that after the political agreement between the European Parliament and the Council regarding the regulation for the digital certificate for Corona on May 20, the technical backbone of the European Union systems is being operated today, as the European Union portal was established in just two months, with the aim of verification. Among the security features in "QR" codes for all certificates, and this will allow citizens and authorities to verify the validity of certificates without any personal data being exchanged or preserved.


The European Commission had proposed the European digital certificate for Corona to resume safe travel this summer, and this certificate will be free, safe and available to everyone, and it will be provided in digital or paper form, and it will be evidence that the person has been vaccinated against the Corona virus, or tested negative, or recovered. Of infection.


Since May 10, 22 countries have successfully tested the portal for these certificates, and although the regulation will be officially implemented as of next July, all member states that have passed the technical tests and are ready to issue and verify certificates can now start using the system on a voluntary basis. .


Seven member states decided today, namely Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Croatia and Poland, to start working on the portal and start issuing the first European Union certificates, while some countries decided to launch the European digital certificate for Coronavirus only when all procedures are completed at the national level, so it is expected to join More countries in the coming days and weeks.


European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Terry Britton, said, "The direct move of the portal today is an important step that will allow member states to start using the portal and start issuing European digital certificates for the Coronavirus, and 7 member states is a good start. I encourage others to follow up as soon as possible. Timely preparation for the system to be fully operational by 1 July - when the proposal will come into effect and the European Union will be ready in time to open its doors again this summer.


The political agreement is due to be formally adopted by the European Parliament and the European Council, and the regulation will come into effect on July 1, with a 6-week transition period for certification of member states that need additional time. In parallel, the Commission will continue to provide technical and financial support to Member States to join the portal.