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"The smell of sweat" is the latest method for detecting infection with the Corona virus

Research studies issued by the American University of Texas and the Laboratory of Bio-Veterinary Research at the Dutch Wageningen University showed that sweat is the latest method that leads researchers and experts to detect infection with the Corona virus, by analyzing sweat, which may contain high levels of cytokines, which indicate that the body has infections. severe infection.

The researchers created several sensors based on analyzing race to detect people infected with the Corona virus, and to identify signs of inflammation resulting from viral infection. When infection occurs, the immune system inside the body is affected, and thus many functions are affected and some enzymes and levels of proteins such as cytokines, which are small proteins, rise. They transmit cell messages to help direct the body's immune response against infection.

The researchers volunteered the smell of sweat to detect infection rates, by training dogs and bees, as they were used to detect infection by smelling the sweat of infected people, after researchers in Finland began training a group of sniffer dogs to detect the Corona virus at Helsinki Airport through Smell the sweat of travelers.

The researchers also relied on the sweating technique to train bees to identify samples infected with the Corona virus within a few seconds by smell, due to the metabolic changes caused by the Corona virus, which make the smell of the body fluids of the infected person different from the healthy, so it is easier for the bee to identify the infected through smell sense.

The smell of sweat reveals to those infected with the syndrome of cytokine secretion that occurs as a result of an immune disorder and may appear when infected with the Corona virus, and it can affect various organ systems with a set of symptoms, and it can also result in life-threatening changes in the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and brain functions.